It’s October, y’all! We’re celebrating what we call Black Cinema Month at Soul Music Society! That means we are highlighting some of the most legendary films from the 70s including their stars and their music. ⁠

Melinda was released during the summer of ’72. The film has gained a cult following over the past few years. And it is, without a doubt, one of best films released during the whole blaxploitation era, in the early to mid 70s. And it is a different sort of film.⁠ Just watch the Melinda trailer. What do y’all think?

Not an action film per se – until the last 10 minutes or so – the film is rather a deliberately paced, methodical murder mystery. It is unique in that it was one of the very few Hollywood studio backed black films of the period which was produced, written and directed by African-American talent: including director Hugh A. Robertson, producer Pervis Atkins, screenwriter Lonnie Elder III and composers Jerry Butler and Jerry Peters. Melinda is unique among other Blaxplotation films. It’s more adult and intelligent than many of the films of the era; it’s also one of the few pure murder mysteries of the period. It’s also got some stand out sequences as well as a terrific comic moment where Terry goes to Melinda’s bank with her I.D. and intentionally creates a scene passing herself off as the murder victim to gain access to her safety deposit box. It’s a clever twist, turning the old stereotype of all black people looking alike on its head.’ – Shadow and Act⁠

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