We’re ‘bout to go back down ‘memory lane’ for a moment. See what I did there? It’s ‘cause the nostalgic ballad “Memory Lane” is one of Minnie Riperton’s most beautiful songs. Okay, so have y’all ever heard the lion story? Better yet, have you seen this footage?

Minnie Riperton is asked about the lion story. We’ve all seen the iconic album cover, right? That was a REAL lion! Well, her record company decided that they wanted to shoot a commercial. Ya know, a film showing the actual location and album cover setting with a lion. Basically, it would mirror the same look as the album cover but in video form. She said, “Okay. I did it before. I’ll do it again as long as it’s the same lion.”

So fast forward to this day. She walked in and could tell that this was a different lion. Well, this video shows what happened next. Lordy Lord! It’s the lion’s leap for me. If you don’t sit yo’ furry butt down and pose for this camera, chile. It all happened so fast. I probably would have reacted the same way. What about y’all? In all honesty, Minnie Riperton seems like she just channeled peace everywhere she went. So I agree with her. I think the lion just wanted to play, too. 

Here’s Minnie Riperton chatting on the Sammy and Co show with actor and comedian Richard Pryor.

MinnieRiperton 5 MinnieRiperton 5

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