Happy day! From me to y’all! Spread it all over the world. If ever there was a group that truly embraced the message of togetherness and the universality of music, Frankie Beverly and Maze was and still is it. Their music is mystical and spiritual to me. Y’all know what I mean? 

Story time:

Howard Beverly, aka Frankie Beverly, was born in 1946. Secular music entered Frankie’s life when he was around eight or nine. Determined, he listened, and he eventually formed a couple of local groups including The Butlers where they performed acapella, and doo-wop. 

Frankie’s records with The Butlers were filled with the power of vocal harmony, but it was the sounds of Sly & The Family Stone, in the late ‘60s, that changed his musical direction, creating a new group, Raw Soul, whose line up included Maze percussionist McKinley ‘Bug’ Williams, an original member of The Butlers. But somethin’ amazin’ happened next…

Marvin Gaye’s sister-in-law caught one of the band’s performances. She introduced them to Gaye, who was so inspired by the group that he took them out on the road, letting them perform some of their original material as an opening act. Frankie and Marvin become tight, like brothers. 

Maze Maze

Positive word-of-mouth continued to grow, and Beverly’s demos went out and one landed on the desk of Larkin Arnold at Capitol Records. That’s where singer/producer/ and visionary Beverly made a business deal that was ahead of the times. Along with pure talent, he had brains and guts —this recording deal assured that he retained the publishing rights to all of his songs. 

It was 1977 when the first Maze featuring Frankie Beverly album (Maze featuring Frankie Beverly) was released. Their collection of songs are part of the soundtrack of our lives. That’s the hidden superpower of Frankie Beverly and Maze. That’s how they became part of our cultural DNA. THEY ARE LEGENDS!! Comment y’alls favorite Frankie Beverly and Maze song.