I literally jumped outta bed this morning cause I was thinkin’ about this song. This vintage video clip from back in the day showcases a younger and supa-fine Aretha Franklin. As you can see, she definitely has everyone’s attention. But umm..let’s stay focused! What intrigued me about this song “Jump” is that Curtis Mayfield produced it!

And actually, this song is part of the music from the Warner Bros. film “Sparkle,” which is the 24th studio album by Ms. Franklin, written and produced by Curtis Mayfield. It was released in 1976. The songs on the soundtrack feature the instrumental tracks and backing vocals from the film versions with Ms. Franklin’s voice taking the place of the original lead vocalists.

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Aretha Franklin

Album: Sparkle (Soundtrack)

I kept trying to find more info on this particular song, but I kept getting a bunch of results for “Jump To It,” which was a great song but not exactly what I was looking for. Please comment below if you have any additional info for “Jump” and we would be so thankful!!

In the meantime, go ‘head and bump this song today.

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