This is the mood I’m in today, y’all. Reggae energy. I hope y’all are feelin’ the same way.
Coming from his 5th studio LP, “Here I Come” is possibly Barrington Levy’s most recognizable song.

Growing up, I remember hearing pieces of this song on the radio in “Bad Boyz” by Shyne. Shoulda known that what I was hearing – “shoodley wop wop, ooooweeeeoo” – was actually from a classic song. Y’all, I ain’t even pay attention to who was featured on the Shyne song.

Come to find out that was Barrington Levy’s signature hook and his original song “Here I Come” was a big hit in the 80s. Beginning with his signature hook and complimented by heavy percussive rhythms from Jah Screw, this anthem has become one of his most popular songs and one of the most influential classics in reggae music.

But y’all, he’s really laying out a story in the lyrics. Sounds like a love story about him and what seems to be his ex-girlfriend, ‘Rosie’. He sings about his responsibilities towards their son, “On the intercom Rosie tell me to come, said she didn’t have a daughter she did have a son”. He continues, ‘Rosie’ decides she’s had enough, “Two months later she said come and get your son, cause I don’t want your baby to come tie me down, because you are old, and I am young, yes while I’m young yes I want to have some fun”. 

It’s kind of a sad story, right? But it’s also catchy at the same time and you just want to sing along.

I love that I was able to post this live performance, but please search on YouTube for a big selection of live performances from Barrington Levy, who is one of reggae music’s most influential vocalists.

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