We’ve got you covered if you’ve been wanting to hear all about Yarbrough and Peoples biggest hit! Y’all, I never knew they were from Dallas, Texas! That’s my home state. If you’re wondering where the name came from, it’s their last names. Cavin Yarbrough and Alisa Peoples actually met when they were kids taking piano lessons. They remained friends, too.

As it turns out, they grew up and formed a music duo associated with some industry heavyweights before getting signed and releasing their first album, The Two Of Us, which included their biggest hit “Don’t Stop the Music.” This song had everybody and their mamas dancin’ when it was released in 1980. And 40+ years later, everybody’s still cutting a rug to this.

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Yarbrough and Peoples Dont Stop The Music

Don't Stop The Music

Yarbrough and Peoples

Album: The Two of Us

Not that anyone asked, but I was introduced to this song as a teenager. I’ve sung it on many stages ‘cause it has this magnetic effect on people. It’s like we start dancing as soon as we hear that bass line. Am I lyin’? Then we get to singing the famous line “Don’t you stop it….” and issa wrap! It’s a complete wrap, chile. We basically sing the entire song from there. You really can’t help but have a good time when you hear this song.

They continued their string of success in the ‘80s and eventually got married, y’all! Well, happiness is the energy I’m sending to y’all this week. Do yourself a favor and play this song at least 1 time this week.

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