Now we can’t talk about iconic Black cinema without including Cooley High. This film is an all time great movie that depicts the reality of what was happening in the Black community at that time. The filming, writing, directing and the characters were Flawless. Absolutely a classic film! It should go into history as one of the best films of all time. The film correctly depicts what discipline is like in the inner city schools. The ending will tug at your heart.⁠

The cast is ICONIC! Directed by Michael Schultz, the cast includes Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Garrett Morris, and Cynthia Davis.⁠

Cooley High is one of those films that I believe accidentally revolutionized the black cinema at the time. It was one of the first movies that gave the perspective of the black intercity youth. The situation was realistic enough. The disparity and struggle against hopelessness pull at your heart as you watch on. The youthful adventure and slim chance of achieving hope was realistic enough for you to cheer on the characters. ⁠

But, out of everything it was an eye opener for the world to see the struggle of the black teenager at what should be a time where one is enjoying life. Cooley High goes down as one of the gems of black cinematography.⁠

“So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” is from the soundtrack of Cooley High. In 1975, it was probably the saddest song many people had ever heard.  ⁠

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Cooley High (Soundtrack)

Movie: Cooley High

⁠I hope this brings back some nostalgia for y’all! Pop this movie on before the year ends if at all possible. Check out the other classic films that we’re celebrating for Black Cinema Month. You might rediscover an old favorite or discover something new!

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