Friday? Is that you? Well, yes it is. And y’all know what that means…another installment of The 70s Screenshot Game. Watch this video and pause it at any moment. Of course, this is all about 70s soul music ‘cause that’s what we doin’ over here! Whatever album you get is what ya gotta listen to today. You might get somethin’ you’ve never heard before. Feel free to play along at our IG page, too. Most of the time the concept is a range of affirmations, but when it’s changed up a little bit to music, especially SOUL music from the 70s, it can make us feel free and uplifted, too.

Here’s some of the albums you’ll see in this screenshot game. You’ve got to play the game to see the rest. We’ll be featuring The Screenshot Game every Friday. Come back next week to play again.

In this article

Cymande 1

Artist Name: Cymande

Album Name: Cymande

BettyDavisNastyGal 1

Artist Name: Betty Davis

Album Name: Nasty Gal

SamDeesTheShowMustGoOn 1

Artist Name: Sam Dees

Album Name: The Show Must Go On

MargieJoesphMakesANewImpression 1

Artist Name: Margie Joseph

Album Name: Makes A New Impression

As the sun sets on Friday, we hope that this game has transported you to a time when music was drenched in emotion, and each track was a testament to the power of rhythm and melody. Make sure to put these records on your 70s soul playlist, and let the timeless tunes be the soundtrack to your cherished memories.

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