Release Date

January 1, 1975

Rock Creek Park is an oasis of nature in the heart of Washington, DC, where The Blackbyrds formed. The group members knew the park well, having spent lots of time there fishing, playing sports, and just getting away from the urban din. The song started off with a groove the band came up with when they were opening for the Commodores at a show in New Jersey. When they worked on the groove in the studio, drummer Keith Killgo came up with the “In Rock Creek Park” line, and the rest of the band joined in. “That rhythm made you feel the park,” he told The Washington Post. “The sound feels like the park.”
The lyrics are very repetitive, with “Doing it in the park, doing it after dark, ooh, yeah, Rock Creek Park” repeated over and over. So, what exactly are they “doing” after hours in the park? According to Killgo, “having a good time.”